Write Articles and Make Money – Anybody Can Do It – Or Can They?

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If you ask on an online marketing forum about how to get started making money, someone will almost certainly tell you to write articles. People who have never tried it often say that making money by writing articles is easy. In reality, it takes real work to write articles, even short and apparently simple ones. This is not to say that it’s not possible to learn how to make money writing articles. You can probably learn how to do it, as long as you have some writing ability. Let’s see how you can start making money online by writing articles.

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It’s a good idea to have a niche that you write about. You will be able to make money more easily with a specific niche. You are more likely to be hired to write articles if you can demonstrate that you have some knowledge of the topic you are covering. If you have a couple of niches that you are good at, this will open up more opportunities for you. You will be able to charge more money if you are an expert in a niche than you will if you have only dabbled in the niche from time to time. So, what do you most enjoy learning about? What are some of the issues that you care most about? These are the niches you should focus on when marketing your services. Never give out freebies. When you are learning about writing articles for cash, invariably there will be at least one person who will tell you that you need to work for free to build your portfolio. This is completely erroneous. You should never write a free article to show your skills to a client. If you are going to do free work, then do it for yourself with your own byline. Anyone who tries to convince you to do free work to prove your abilities is simply trying to get free articles out of you. Don’t let yourself get taken advantage of!
Have you ever written for a client or publication in the past? If not then you should start gathering some. You could consider beginning a blog of your own. Some people use blogs to get into the habit of writing each day, although it may not always be considered valid “writing experience”. It is easy to point potential clients to your blog when they ask to see samples of your work. Another good reason to start a blog is that you can monetize it! Having a way to earn a little extra is ideal for anyone building up a new business.
It can be tough trying to break into the article writing field. Once you’ve gotten your business off the ground, you’ll soon find that it can be very financially rewarding. There are many new writers who struggle to make any real money. People believe writing articles must be really easy. However, it shouldn’t take long for most people to realize that there’s quite a bit of work into each article. If you’re happy to put in the work, you’ll soon learn how profitable it can be when you’re writing articles for money online.


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