Women’s Clothes – The Right Way To Look After Your Hoodie

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Not only are hooded sweatshirts (also known as hoodies or hoods) a prominent fashion statement, but they are incredibly comfortable to wear. With this in mind, hoodies have become one of the most popular pieces of clothing for men and women alike. Depending on your choice of material, your new sweatshirt can last several years or more with proper care. Below you’ll find a short but informative guide on how to ensure that your investment will last through several seasons.

Follow the Instructions – While some hooded sweatshirts are made from traditional cotton, others can adorn silk, fur lining, or be made from other delicate materials. Proper care of the more sensitive materials is required to guarantee longevity of your product. For example, wool can shrink to un-wearable sizes while silk can become irreversibly damaged if not washed properly, so proper handling is most definitely needed. Follow the instructions on your tag carefully – if your hoodie is stamped dry clean only, its for a good reason.

Caring for Cotton – Cotton is not immune to damage if cared for improperly – there is a substantial risk that you could easily shrink your new hoodie to awkward sizes. In addition to following the care instructions on your tag, wash your hoodie in cold water only as warmer temperatures have the tendency to shrink cotton. Additionally, hot temperatures in the dryer will also shrink your hooded sweatshirt, so only use a low heat setting or even air dry. A helpful trick to keep sweatshirts from shrinking prematurely is to stretch the arms and body right out of the wash this will make your sweatshirt longer before entering the dryer, which will help counteract any shrinking that occurs.

Dark-colored hooded sweatshirts are known for bleeding their color onto lighter-colored clothing, so always wash with like colors in order to prevent any unwanted tinting. Cold water will also prevent dye from running, which is another reason to not wash your hoodie in warm water.

Removing Stains – If you get a stain on your hooded sweatshirt, time is of the essence to remove it. Warm water with mild soap will get out most stains. However, for serious dirt, you may need to use a toothbrush or something similar to scrub the stain out and then let it sit with some liquid detergent so that the stain is fully penetrated by the time you wash it.

Even the most delicate care of a hooded sweatshirt wont make much of a difference if you don’t have a quality product to begin with; cheaply-made hoodies wont long no matter how well you care for it. With this in mind, it may be wise to only purchase ones that are made of high-end cotton or other durable materials.

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