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Public records serve as a sort of collective memory for our society, without them there would be widespread chaos, our social systems would crumble and there would be anarchy. It is necessary not only to secure public records but also to make them available to the proper authorities because of their useful but sensitive nature.

Public records basically constitute information and raw data collected and recorded by the government and its various agencies. It mostly includes citizen information, census and demographic data, property ownership records, vehicle registration, records of birth, death, marriages and divorce, criminal records, records of civil and criminal cases etc. Due to the very sensitive nature of such information, not everything is made public, some states have laws protecting access to personal information stored in public records.

In various aspects of corporate and personal life the potential usefulness of public records has created a demand for accurate and easily accessible information; criminal records are of most interest. People, for various reasons, need to know the background of others they are interacting with, for example employers need to check on prospective employees etc.

Numerous online public records services have spawned due to the demand for  fast, accurate and easily accessible public record information. Publicly available records are available to users for free or are subscription based as these service providers maintain huge databases . It is provided thorough results that the paid subscription based services are a lot better compared to free services. One such service for the state of Texas is Texas public records.

Subscription based services provide nearly consistent results as they cost a fraction of the cost of a private investigator. The range of services provided includes person search, background check, reverse phone lookup, vehicle registration, marriage and divorce records etc. Note that not all information can be made available, only public domain information can be accessed, military and classified data are not available.

Public records services narrow down the results for you as they allow you to search according to state. Manually searching for public records on government websites is very tedious and often incomplete, so it’s best to use paid services.


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