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Why would our nation produce a 3-cent Silver coin? Postage stamps value three-cents for many years and convenience was vital to the public. That’s probably the explanation that a three-cent nickel was produced too (the convenience issue is why many cash have short-lived production). I’ve used coin history to find each three-cent cash however the numbers are small as a result of mintages have been low and the silver coins only minted between 1851-1873 and the nickel model from 1865-1889. I have discovered sufficient of the nickel kind (a bigger coin) to have crammed more than half of the spots in the coin folder. Grade levels for many of these cash are decrease than common as nickel cash do not do nicely within the ground.

The 20-cent coin is the toughest silver situation to seek out in the ground. Only the flying-eagle cent had a shorter life. Production of this sort was only four years with cash issued for circulation 1n 1875 and 1876. This is the one sort coin that I’ve not situated with a metal detector. Discovering one is my largest problem as a result of manufacturing in 1875 included 1,one hundred fifty five,000 cash from the San Francisco Mint, 133,290 from the Carson City Mint and only 39,700 from Philadelphia. To make it tougher, the demand was so low for the coin that the mint director Linder man ordered Carson City to soften all that it had readily available after producing only 10,000 for circulation in 1876. 12,359 coins have been melted down leaving only a few of the 1876 coins escaping into circulation and only 15,900 had been produced in Philly and none in Fanny for that year. This is a matter that only a few metallic detectors have found, but I’ll keep trying!

The most wanted and most collected silver coin is the Morgan Dollar. Minted from 1878 to 1921 many hundreds of thousands had been minted and enormous numbers of them, singularly and in caches, have been found with metal detectors. There were none minted between 1905 and 1920 and 1893 – 1895 mintages had been low but making use of the same kind of constructing exercise analysis can result in some good detector finds. An upper class neighborhood area the place many of the homes were constructed in the 1880 to 1900 time frame has yielded several Morgan Dollars for me. A very worthwhile 1882 S in AU condition with doubling on either side is the very best, however selection 1885 O and 1896 coins are additionally nice additions to my collection.

I have applied the analysis principle of coin historical past to building time with all twentieth century coin types. Whether it is houses, schools, industrial buildings or industrial buildings, I have discovered quite a few beneficial cash with this technique. A home inbuilt 1909 turned in a 1908 S Indian Cent and a 1909 S Lincoln. A two story house inbuilt 1890 and used as a highschool turned up nearly forty V Nickels together with a 1885 and a 1912 D (plus numerous flip of the century Indian cents). A commercial parking lot from an early 1900’s tanning enterprise yielded a 1904 O and 1904 S Barber Halves with the New Orleans mint coin in XF and valued at $240. A college yard the place the 1917 constructing was destroyed in 1964 yielded over 240 pre 1940 cash when your entire lot was leveled over a 3 month frame in 1978. Over 50 of those cash have been Buffalo Nickels with 30 of them within the teen years. This is the same website talked about above that turned up my uncommon 1916 SL quarter and as an sudden bonus, the oldest of my metal detecting coin finds, an AD sixty nine Israel half-shekel.

At you’ll find info regarding nickel values, gold nickel coin,and cupro nickel coins.

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