Best Orlando Real Estate Agents

Orlando Real Estate Agents

Find the best real estate agents and real estate brokers in Orlando and Central Florida. Orlando Real Estate agents will help you navigate the real estate market, effectively utilize MLS, help you price and market your home in Orlando and ultimately find the affordable home of your dreams.  Whether you are seeking foreclosed and resale properties, looking to buy a new home or relocating to a more family-friendly neighborhood in Central Florida, Orlando real estate agents know the ins and outs of the Orlando real estate market and will provide you with the resources to help you with applying for mortgage and taking advantage of the housing tax credits.  So, don’t wait; contact an Orlando Real Estate agent in your area today!

Best Orlando Real Estate Agents
best Orlando real estate brokers in central florida

  1. Kathleen S. Carlson – Imagination Reality
  2. Lynn Searson – Front Gate Realty
  3. Cecelia Niles – Celebration Residential Reality, Inc.
  4. Lydia Pisano – Century 21 Orlando
  5. Maurice Pierre – Century 21 Orlando
  6. Bo Stanley – ReMax Orlando
  7. Madeline Ortiz – Remax Orlando
  8. Margaret A. Burke – GMAC Real Estate
  9. Bill Gabriel – GMAC Real Estate
  10. Chris Orion – GMAC Real Estate
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Internet Advertising in Orlando Florida Magazine

February 3, 2016 by  
Filed under Advertising

Internet Advertising in Orlando Florida Magazine is an effective way to put your business, products or services in front of active visitors and locals in Orlando Florida.

Internet Advertising in Orlando Florida Magazine
Orlando is visited by more than 50 Million visitors annually.  Each day more than 1 Million Internet searches are completed on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other Internet  Search engines by locals and visitors looking for products and services in Orlando Florida.

We Reach Both Locals & Visitors:
Orlando visitors and locals use our Orlando Florida Magazine online to find  information and read abut reviews from local restaurants, hotels, attractions, clubs, things to do, find a home for sale, apartment, job, find a doctor, local breaking news, weather, sports and more.

Orlando Florida Internet Advertising Options
We provide three distinct options for marketing your products or services to our readers:

Orlando Florida Magazine Banner Ads:
Display your banner ad on targeted categories such as Attractions, Real Estate, Health & more. Internet advertising in Orlando Florida Magazine Banners start at $200 monthly. More info below:

Orlando Florida Magazine Paid Text Links:
Purchase text links to your site in one of our key-word rich targeted articles or news posts, starting at $150. Contact us for specific details.

Orlando Florida Magazine Sponsored Articles:
We will feature an article about your business or service in our magazine then distribute it to more than 250 Internet search engines and content partners.  Our network includes Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Best of the Web, Digg and other online search and social networks.

This service starts at $299.00.  Contact us for specific details.

All ad rates are subject to change. We offer ads on an exclusive contract basis. You pay a flat price for your ad location and your banner ad runs all month at that location, visible for all of our visitors and readers.

Monthly rates range from $99-$499 per ad, depending on ad location.
You may begin with a single trial month,with renewals in three-month contract terms.

Internet Advertising in Orlando Florida Magazine Banner Ads
You can buy banner ads in a number of  locations.

Top of Category Page Ad Banner—$299-$499:
 468 × 60  pixel banners at the top of the category. Target your banner or message by category and key-word.  
Vertical Ad Banner Run Of Site (ROS) —$20.00 per thousand: 
120×600 pixel located below  featured Video  next to the Categories in the sidebar column. Visible on every page.

Weekly email blast “Best Buys in Orlando Florida –  Coupons & Discounts”.
As an added incentive for our advertisers, we send weekly email, Twitter and Facebook blasts to our subscribers. “Best Buys in Orlando Florida – Coupons & Discounts”  as a thanks to our advertisers. Our email blast list can provide you the additional traffic and exposure to promote a sale, distribute coupons or reward loyal customers with discounts or VIP events.

Banner Ad Design Pricing
Basic: $75 (not to exceed 1 hour of work)

Static image (no animation)
Tagline and messaging to be provided
1 revision after initial creative concept based on client input
Ad to be optimized and sized for the web

Standard: $150 (not to exceed 2 hours of work)
Minor animation (motion) within graphic
Assistance with tagline and messaging (not to exceed 45 minutes)
2 revisions after initial creative concept based on client input Ad to be optimized and sized for the web.

The Works: $300 (not to exceed 4 hours of work)
Banner ad campaign development strategy, email Messaging development and email campaign database with tagline and “call-to-action” sign-up form. 

Multiple ads, various sizes (not to exceed 3 total)  Ads to be optimized and sized for the web requirements:

All artwork must be provided including Logo (in appropriate size), company colors (if required in design), imagery and other requests.

To learn more about any of these services contact Fabio Silva for a quote about Internet Advertising in Orlando Florida Magazine.

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J’adore My Pet – Orlando Pet Store

February 2, 2016 by  
Filed under Business, Pets

J'adore art

J’adore My Pet is on online community and online pet store for animal lovers whose approach to pet ownership is an entire lifestyle. Those at J’adore My Pet know that it’s not enough to just own a pet; you must provide him or her with a balanced diet, exercise, clothing and accessories. Whether you’re uptown girls or sports enthusiasts, J’adore My Pet will provide you with everything you need for all your pets.

J’adore My Pet was created out of a childhood dream to work with, and for pets. J’adore My Pet’s online community provides you with the most recent updates in pet news and new trends in pampering your pet. Additionally, J’adore My Pet’s online store is loaded with the trendiest pet clothes, pet accessories, pet carriers, and any other knick-knacks and gadgets you many need for you pet. Any style or size of leash, collar, or clothing item can be found through J’adore My Pet’s online store. If the item you desire is not there, don’t worry! They will custom-order any item that you need, ensuring that you always get exactly what you want. J’adore My Pet also ships anywhere in the United States and offers express shipping as well!

Visit J’adore My Pet today! Not only is shopping for your pet fun for you, but it shows your best friend just how much you care. Our pets show us unconditional love everyday. Pampering your pet is just one way we can say “I love you, too.”

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Orlando and Central Florida Golf Resorts

January 29, 2016 by  
Filed under In the News, Real Estate

Orlando and Central Florida area have been a major golf destination for years, the famous “snow birds” people running away from the cold weather in the northern regions of the country, were always the main focus for the Orlando golf resorts, but now, a different “invasion” is happening to this major golf destination.With the increase in popularity of the sport we have been seeing a major increase of international golfers arriving in Orlando, and investing in Real Estate in Central Florida. The fact that golf resorts are expensive and only people with a higher income can afford it, has changed with the economy in the last 5 years.

Reunion Resort one of the best golf resorts in the Country, the only one with 3 major golf courses designed by the three icons of the sport, Jack Nickalus, Arnold Palmer and Tom Watson, has seen in 2010 and forecasted for 2011 a major increase in Real Estate sales.

The main investors are coming from other countries, Canadians and Brazilians are on top of this list purchasing over US$13 Billion in Real Estate in Central Florida in 2010. According to Trulia one of the most popular Real Estate search websites in the country, this number tends to increase by 30 % in 2011 and 50% in 2012.

Fabio Silva the International Sales Specialist for Luxury Team of Florida (Preferred Real Estate partner of Reunion Resort), recently came back from Brazil on a market exploration trip and noticed  a large demand of Real Estate in Central Florida, the economy in Brazil is now one of the best in the world and the American Dollar is not as strong as it was 10 years ago, Brazilians are coming strong into the Real Estate market in Orlando and Central Florida Area their preferred international Vacation Destination, according to the Brazilian Aviation association recordings that shows that 76% of the international flights  leaving from Brazil arrives in the United States.

Silva is very optimistic with the future of this market and the investments that the Central Florida Area is making to attract more and more international tourists willing to invest in this area: “The Month of July is going to be great, and the last six months of the year are very promising”. Silva has made himself available for any inquires from international buyers (407)325-4030.

Luxury Team of Florida

7593 Gathering Drive

Reunion – Florida – 34747

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The Best Dashboard Covers

January 26, 2016 by  
Filed under Orlando Living

Surely the Dashmat is a dashboard cover but there is much more than what meets the eye here.

A lot of science has gone into building these dashboard mats, which are refreshingly different from what you will find elsewhere.

These aren’t just for cosmetic enhancement; the mats enhance your dashboard in various functional ways.

It is due to such enhanced functionality that Dashboard cover is a different kind of dashmat.

We shall look here at 4 reasons why these dashboard covers are special.


The Ultimat® Factor

Making Dashmat so very popular is the fabric that is used in its manufacture.

The name of this new kind of fabric is Ultimat®.

This is a synthetic fabric that is made to be so very perfect that it simply takes up the contours of the dashboard, whatever shape it is in, and stretches all over those curves.

It is because of this stretch-and-fit technology that there’s not even a single millimeter of unprotected space on the dashboard—it is completely taken care of.

The fabric also makes it redundant to have any kind of hard cover beneath the mat.

You may try to put pressure on your fabric in whichever way you want, but still its basic shape won’t be altered.


Improving the Car’s Interior

Here is an intelligent dashboard cover if there ever was one.

Dashmat can actually absorb odors from the car’s interiors and eliminate them completely.

As a result, it is said that it is safer to travel in a car with Dashmat in it than a car that doesn’t have one.


Better Protection from the Sun

Here is probably the best benefit.

Since Dashmat does not leave a single exposed inch of the dashboard, the sun’s rays cannot wreak any havoc on it.

Even the ultraviolet rays are kept away from the dashboard, which could otherwise mutilate it in various ways.

It really helps to take care of incident sun radiation on dashboards.


A Better Color Palette

This might not be a very strong point, but it is definitely something that goes in favor of Dashmat.

There’s an amazing range of colors available with Dashboard covers.

Just take a look at some of the online catalog for Dashmat; you will find such a huge assortment there.

Whatever your car brand, you have so much to choose from.

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Being Prepared – KidsGetAPlan®

The Florida Division of Emergency Management provides important information to help the State’s residents and visitors address disaster issues through a variety of printed publications and online services. Among the Division’s online services, GETAPLAN!® is a quick and easy tool that helps residents build their own disaster plan. The Division’s KidsGetAPlan!® offers a similar opportunity for younger residents to understand what disasters are, how to prepare for them and help create their family’s disaster plan.

The ambassador of KidsGetAPlan!®  Professor Tinkermeister and his crew of kids and critters, encourages children to prepare safety measures for all kinds of weather. With a variety of games, coloring pages, screen savers, weather-related data and so much more, children from kindergarten to high school learn about disaster preparedness. The Division hopes to encourage children and their families to get a plan through this online service.

“Our intention is to reach every family in Florida and teach them about being prepared,” said Bryan W. Koon, Director of the Division of Emergency Management. “With these online applications, parents as well as children can be prepared for any potential disaster Florida may face.”

Hurricane season, or any other potential disaster, is usually seen as an issue parents alone deal with; however, children are often aware of their parents’ concern and may become anxious because they don’t fully understand what might be happening or how their parents are dealing with the situation. This online application was created specifically to help children better understand preparing for potential disasters with friendly characters and fun activities.

Through KidsGetAPlan!®, DEM also offers the Hazardous Weather guide for older children, which provides a variety of information on weather issues, as well as online books, games and links to other kid-friendly sites for weather and emergency management education information. Online books for 1st-5th grade students are available as well, along with guides to assist teachers and parents in helping children better understand and prepare for disasters.

KidsGetAPlan!® also features this year’s video and poster winners for the 2011 Severe Weather Awareness Week Contest.  The Division teamed up with the American Red Cross to offer Florida students in middle and high school the chance to create severe weather safety posters and video public service announcements, which will be used as part of the Division’s 2011 Public Outreach Statewide Campaign. While most contestants offered a sense of humor in their productions, each entry is a serious effort to help increase awareness for this age group.

“We hope Florida residents who don’t yet have a plan will take a few moments to create one, and that they include everyone in the family,” said Gwen Keenan, Bureau of Preparedness Chief for the Division. “Whether you’re five or 95, having a plan before disaster strikes will help ensure you and your family survive.”

So round up the kids and prepare your disaster plan today!

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Starting A Home Business in Orlando or Central Florida

January 13, 2016 by  
Filed under Business, Orlando Living

If you have the need to get started building a home business opportunity in Orlando or Central Florida and find yourself in the position to really do that can be two different things.  There are a few questions you need to ask yourself before you stop working your job and start a online business of your own.  Get real with yourself when you start setting things up and building your small business.

Take the time to ask yourself a few questions when you come to a decision.  The very first thing to ask your self is do you think you will be ready to start a home business opportunity?  Confidence will have a big part in your success of your home based business.  You have to think that the home based business will probably be worth starting in order for this to perform properly.

Would other people say that you are a prime candidate for self-employment?  Sometimes we can be a bit overconfident about our own skills.  However, when it comes to whether or not you will do well with self-employment, you have to be sincere with yourself.  Think about how people work at your present job?  Will you be someone who completes tasks no matter what?  Do you work just as hard at the job whether or not your supervisor is in the place of work or not?  If that’s the case, you may have what it takes to have a home business opportunity off of the ground.

There are many questions you should think about.  Have you ever taken courses or seminars with regards to starting and controlling a small business opportunity?  If you have not, think about doing this before you start a home based business.  You will learn valuable lessons about some of the underside of owning a small business that you maintain all on your own.

Do you think you’re ready to lower your standard of living while the online business gets off of the ground?  Businesses are great ventures but the majority of small business proprietors start off working a ton and generating only a little bit of revenue.  You should ensure that you have some form of back up revenue to help keep you a float as you build the work from home business.

Are you ready for long hours that usually will generate no immediate profit?  Working long hours in a job where you are getting overtime or a steady salary is quite different form working long hours at your start up home business.  You won’t necessarily see a profit from the long hours which you put in.  Of course, there is a bitter sweet feeling regarding working long hours.  At the end of the day, following the long hours, you’ll have a home based company that’s yours.

Have you contacted a business coach or counselor about your business plan?  There are plenty of different issues with owning your own business.  There are legal issues such as what type of business you want to have, the break even point for the company, how a business loan impacts your credit and if you want a special license or permit for your home business opportunity. Getting valuable advice about all of these things will help save you time and expense.

Also read working from home jobsMake Money Fast and Earning Money Online

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Mortgage Broker Orlando

January 8, 2016 by  
Filed under Real Estate

Mortgage Brokers Orlando

Hunting for a home is not quite as easy as it used to be. Those with sticky or shaky credit could always go to a mortgage broker in Orlando to see what they could find for them. The reins have tightened, so to speak, since the bottom fell out of that particular market. However, it does not mean that some with a few glitches cannot find the mortgage they need.

When you go to a mortgage broker in Orlando, you are not going to your bank. They do not personally give you a loan, but they try to find one for you. Many mortgage brokers in Orlando will work to get you the best deal they can, though there are times when there is nothing more that they can do. You can think of the mortgage broker in Orlando as someone who works between barrowers and lending institutions. If you have no idea what you are doing or how to go about getting a loan, these folks can be increasingly helpful to you as the process wears on.

What you will find in a mortgage broker in Orlando is someone who understand the current market, and might tell you right away what type of interest rate you can hope to get, or if you can get a loan at all. Though they want to place everyone with a loan, they know that some simply will not qualify for a mortgage. They can save you a lot of work and a lot of time if you find the right mortgage broker in Orlando, and they may even be able to suggest things that will make you more attractive as a borrower before they look around to find what you need. That can mean savings via your interest rate, and that is always a good thing.

So, if you’re interested in buying a new home, start looking for a mortgage broker in Orlando. There are some who specializes in bad credit, and some that specializes in business. Take your time and find the right mortgage broker in Orlando. Getting a loan should never be taken lightly, and you want someone working for you that feels the same way.

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Best Theaters in Orlando

January 3, 2016 by  
Filed under Entertainment

Best Theaters in Orlando

Orlando Florida has many top-notch theater companies.  This is a list of Orlando theater groups and productions of upcoming events.  Visit each site for updated ticket and showtime information.

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Save on Gas and Energy Costs in Orlando

Fuel experts now expect the charge of oil along with gas to continue to rise year on year, with conservative estimates at an increase of 60% in 6 years. The price savings on wood fuel pellets can pay for the Breckwell stove within a few years. The supply of oil in addition to gas which we use for cars plus heating is mainly sourced from Russia as well as the Middle East.  Increasing global population and gas and oil resource reduction means higher energy prices plus more money sent out of the country. Using fuel pellets in pellet stoves such as the Breckwell pellet stove can reduce our dependence on oil in addition to gas. Through purchasing a Breckwell pellet stove, you are pro-actively supporting the local economy as well as at the same time reducing your own carbon emissions.

Learn more about Pellet Stoves Pros and Cons

Many different wood raw materials can be processed into fuel pellets. Many different local biomass resources can be processed into energy pellets as well as then sold back into the local community. This generates more local jobs, keeps money within the local economy along with keeping fuel prices competitive and low. Many different forms of local biomass resources, which are even regarded as waste, can be processed into efficient fuel pellets. Some of these energy pellets may have a higher ash content than premium wood pellets. Some Breckwell pellet stoves have burn pot and other component designs, which limit their ability to burn other types of biomass fuel pellets. These differences in burn pot designs are not well known or disclosed by Breckwell. We have therefore developed this guide to help consumers purchase a more energy flexible pellet stove or Breckwell pellet stove, so a wider assortment of wood fuel pellets can be used efficiently without complication, helping to further lower pellet fuel prices.

Read more about Pellets Stoves

 The last few years since oil as well as gas prices have started to increase substantially have seen a rapid growth of pellet stoves, such as Harman pellet stoves. Wood fuel pellets are a much cheaper alternative than heating your house with fossil fuels such as oil along with gas, in some cases can cut your heating bill in half. Wood pellets are also a green energy, and do not contribute to climate change and global warming. Therefore there are now many monetary incentives to install pellet stoves such as Harman units.

More information on Quadrafire Pellet Stoves

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