Public Arts in Orlando

July 25, 2015 by Orlando Florida Magazine  
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public arts orlando

Find the best public arts in Orlando.  The best public arts in Orlando include botanical gardens, exhibits, art galleries, music shows, community arts, opera, ballet and more. 

  • Opera, Ballet & Dance in Orlando
  • Music in Orlando
  • Theater in Orlando
  • Visual Arts in Orlando
  • Film in Orlando
  • Art Schools in Orlando
  • Community Arts in Orlando
  • Support Organizations in Orlando
  • Miscellaneous Arts in Orlando


Readers Choice: Our Top 10 List

  1. Harry P. Leu Gardens, Garden House
  2. Terrace Gallery
  3. Orlando Ballet
  4. Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra
  5. Local Color Art Studio
  6. Crealde School of Art
  7. Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center
  8. Orlando Repertory Theater
  9. Mad Cow Theater
  10. Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre


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Best of Orlando Jobs: Finding Jobs in Orlando

July 24, 2015 by Orlando Florida Magazine  
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Finding a Job in Orlando Florida

As I’m sure you’re aware jobs in Orlando are hard to find today. You may have already lost your job and are looking for a new one, or you are finding a job in a new field for the very first time. Some people are even looking for second jobs in Orlando to help make ends meet. When looking for a job in such a tough market, there are some things that you should know.

First of all, when looking for a job, you don’t necessarily have to aim lower than what you really want. Though you may have to later on, you should try to find the jobs that you would have wanted no matter how well or how bad the economy is doing. There is always the chance that you could still get that job that you want. Also, think about jobs that are on par with the one you just had, even if it is not something you think of as a promotion. Staying in the same type of job is better than not finding a job in Orlando at all.

What you have to decide is how far you are willing to drive when finding a job that is up to par with what you want. You may have to face the reality that you may have to travel. With the gas prices as they are, you should weigh your options carefully. Would it be worth a dollar less an hour to save a lot on gas? What other expenses would be involved with finding a job that is a bit of a drive? Can you spare that extra time that you would normally spend with your family?  Some things to think about.

However, when times are bad, no matter what, you do have to think about taking something you may not want or may not be ideal. You should always go for the jobs that you want, but you should be realistic and look for some that are related but not quite what you crave. You may not have a choice when things are tight and many are looking for jobs in Orlando right along side you. Be careful, but be smart, or you may find that you can’t get any type of work at all. Things will pick up, so taking something for a short time would not hurt, but still feeds your family.

Use the same strategies you would always use when looking for a job in Orlando. Look through your local Orlando classifieds, go to recruiters, and don’t be afraid to try temp agencies. Many online news papers and magazines have resources to aid you when looking for a job in Orlando.  You should take advantage of these online sources when looking for a job in Orlando, as well as networking with others in your field. They may know of jobs that have not been advertised that are just what you are looking for. Just know your hunt may take a little longer, but you do not have to look at it as an impossible endeavor.

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Orlando Events: Special Event Planners in Orlando

July 20, 2015 by Orlando Florida Magazine  
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Special events require special places and Central Florida is special for a reason.  For planning anything from an Orlando Bar Mitzvah, fundraiser, girl’s getaway, or family reunion, Orlando has just the place for you and your group.  With event planners in Orlando, your special event in Florida will go from functional to fabulous.

Schedules & Itineraries
Sure the guests are coming to Orlando for the family reunion, but not every moment will be spent with Aunt Alice from Omaha.  Let your event planner fret over the details of your function.  Event Planners can hook you up with the best itinerary for your gathering and provide you and your guests with a schedule of events complete with dates, times and locations – even any dress requirements to let them plan their activities accordingly.

Goody Bags
Event Planners in Orlando know the best that Central Florida has to offer.  Let the experts do the leg work and provide you with brochures, maps and even coupons for local Orlando theme parks and Central Florida attractions.  Event planners in Orlando make it easy for you to provide your guests with the appropriate information.

Web Sites
For larger parties or functions in Orlando, consider a custom web site for your guests.  Not only will it save a few trees, but provide attendees with everything they need to know to enjoy themselves and your event.  When considering all the costs of printing and mailing, and marketing your event, Web sites are more efficient and more cost effective than the alternative.  Web sites can include:

  • Local weather;
  • Schedules;
  • Area attractions; and
  • Hotel information

Help for Special Events
Take the stress out of your next special event in Orlando.  Let an event planner in Orlando plan your next birthday party, Bar Mitzvah or fundraiser in Orlando.  Not only do they know the area inside out, they have the knowledge and experience to make your event one to remember. 

Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither is a special event.  Consider this timeframe to help you plan:

  • Six months to one year before the date – Start the process with the basics of room requirements, number of attendees and setting specific dates.  Make all major reservations, hotels, airline, banquet facilities, etc.
  • Two months in advance – Finalize plans for the more specific details, lunches, dinners and more.]
  • One month before the date – Plan local transportation requirements, photography needs, equipment rental and silly matching t-shirts if you dare.\
  • Two weeks – Confirm all information, dates and attendees.  Make sure special items, gift bags, websites and more are ready and functional.
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Board in the Kitchen? How about an Under Counter CD Player

June 29, 2015 by Orlando Florida Magazine  
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Rosi here from Under Counter CD Player

For many people, when they are looking to purchase a new gadget, the first place they will look is to the Net to do some’s a great idea to do some research in cyberspace. It’s really significant to study options and cost before you make a determination on any purchase.

If you enjoy music and savor listening while you are cooking or even working in your shop, then an under counter CD player will save you counter top and allow you to listen to music with the push of a button.

An Under Counter CD Player can incorporate other features like a clock, TV or a radio. You may oftentimes find a small system that will fit easily under your counter or cupboard. Look for one that produces rich, deep bass tones as that will give you a stronger overall sound. You may be able to find one that will hold multiple CD’s.

A very nice option to look for is a remote that incorporates a magnetic backing. We all know how frustrating it is to loose our remote controls and, with a magnetic backing, you can put the remote control on your refrigerator and not have to Fuss with ever losing it elsewhere in your home. The remote should also give you the capacity to control the volume of your system as well as muting it and changing tracks.

An extra nice feature to consider is a unit that will include a built in Lithium battery that will maintain the appropriate time during power outage so that when the power returns, you will not need to reset the time.Some systems also include a built in timer for food preparation or if you want to be reminded to be somewhere or do something at a certain time. When looking into the design of an under counter CD player, go for one that is sleek and slim as they save on space. While you are doing your internet research to find the under counter CD player that will best fit your needs, it would be wise to read any reviews you come across. Feel free to go into forums and post questions and get opinions from other people who have purchased the unit you are thinking of buying. You can also check out brick and mortar stores to test the sound and quality of the under counter radio you would like to purchase. You can visually see how you like the unit, but more often than not, buying one on the internet will save you a lot of cash.

Make sure that the Under Counter CD Player is easy to install if you plan to do it yourself and always ask about a warranty and any accessories. You will get a lot of use out of an under counter CD player and if you decide to purchase one that plays MP3′s, DVDs or includes a television, you will find that the unit will make the perfect addition to your kitchen – or even to your garage or Recreational vehicle.

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Best Orlando Resorts

June 26, 2015 by Orlando Florida Magazine  
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Grand Floridian Resort Orlando Resort

Florida’s best resorts can be found in Orlando!  Orlando resorts are the best choice to ensure a care-free, relaxing and fun-filled Orlando vacation. Most Orlando resorts cater to families with children, pets and can deliver the perfect vacation for you and your family.

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Orlando International Airport Security Checkpoint

June 23, 2015 by Orlando Florida Magazine  
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People who travel for a living know that there are certain travel tips that when used properly will save them time and stress when vacationing or taking any kind of trip. Some of these travel tips are really just using common sense. But you know what they say about common sense: it’s not all that common.

Traveling anywhere by plane these days means having to go through the dreaded airport security checkpoint. If you have ever been held up by someone who keeps the scanner beeping repeatedly you know how annoying it can be to the rest of the weary travelers standing in line behind them. You can avoid this at the Orlando International Airport Security Checkpoint by doing a few simple things when you plan your trip.

The first of the travel tips is to always wear slip on shoes (loafers are best) or sandals. Since that shoe bomber wannabe terrorist nearly blew up that plane some years back, everyone has to take off their shoes and run them separately through the scanner at the Orlando International Airport Security Checkpoint. Personally, I think this is silly and a little like shutting the barn door after the horses have all escaped. Also, don’t wear a belt if you can avoid it as they are hard to put on again after you have gone through the Orlando International Airport security checkpoint.

Don’t keep change in your pockets or anything else with metal on it or in it. It is easier to put these things into the top pouch of your carry on suitcase which you have to put through the conveyor belt anyway. You can also put these things and your cell phone and keys into the side pocket of your laptop briefcase.

One of the best travel secrets is to trade your old, heavy laptop for a newer lightweight model. There are some very lightweight laptops that weigh less than five pounds. This will make your time at the Orlando International Airport security checkpoint that much less and save you some wear and tear on your arms and shoulders.

Another of the travel tips at the Orlando International airport security checkpoint is to make sure not to have any liquids on you or in your travel case. If you do have some like shampoo, make sure that they are in those little tiny bottles that you get at hotels.  Also, make sure that they are contained in a quart-sized zip-lock baggie.

If you are going somewhere and staying for less than a week you really should consider taking only a carry on suitcase and no additional check-in luggage. This is one of the travel tips that is particularly difficult for musicians or surfers to follow because they need to bring their guitars or surfboards with them wherever they go usually.

Travel tips like these can make your passage through the Orlando International airport security checkpoint much faster and more comfortable, not only for you but for all of your fellow passengers.

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Orlando Colleges and Universities

June 19, 2015 by Orlando Florida Magazine  
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Best Orlando COlleges and Universities in Orlando

Orlando offers many choices for continuing education from colleges and universities to trade schools and junior colleges.  Orlando universities and Colleges offer programs for students in all walks of life from degree-seeking undergraduates to continuing adult education trade schools.

Orlando Universities & Colleges
Orlando Trade Schools
Orlando Junior Colleges
Online Universities

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Best of Orlando Shopping

June 19, 2015 by Orlando Florida Magazine  
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Best Orlando Shopping

Orlando features world class shopping including everything from the Mall at Millenia, Florida Mall, Pointe Orlando, and factory outlet shopping at Prime Designer Outlet and Lake Buena Vista Factory Stores, Premium Outlets.   Shopping in Orlando Florida is truly a shopper’s paradise filled with its many upscale fashion malls, factory outlet stores, designer boutiques, and even flea markets. Orlando welcomes more than 50 million visitors annually and is second to none for visitor tourism. 

Orlando Malls
Orlando Fashion Boutiques
Orlando Outlet Malls
Orlando Flea Markets
Orlando Consignment Shops
Orlando Furniture Stores
Orlando Jewelry Stores
Orlando Flowers & Gift Shops

Read more about Orlando Malls & Outlets


Best of Orlando Shopping – Readers Choice:  Our Top 10 List


  1. Mall at Millenia
  2. Pointe Orlando
  3. Premium Outlets
  4. Florida Mall
  5. Downtown Disney
  6. Universal CityWalk
  7. Prime Outlets
  8. Shopping International Drive
  9. Shopping Dr. Phillip’s Area
  10. Shopping Sand Lake Rd
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The Best of Orlando

The Best of Orlando Florida

Orlando is the number one tourist destination in the United States and receives more visitors than Las Vegas and New York City.  Attracting over one million visitors every week, there are many reasons why Orlando is not only the perfect tourist destination, but a wonderful place to live.

Orlando is home to the most popular theme park in the world, Walt Disney World.  With numerous parks such as the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom, and exciting water parks like Typhoon Lagoon, it’s easy to see why Orlando is the most popular U.S. tourist destination for families.

In addition to popular Disney World theme parks, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld are located in the heart of Orlando.  Universal Studios Orlando is comprised of two parks: Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios.  Universal Studios Orlando also has its very own Wet n’ Wild water park and luxury themed resorts. SeaWorld Orlando is home to the beloved Shamu and all of his saltwater friends. Additionally, guests of SeaWorld will get to brave daring roller coasters like the Kraken and the Manta, visit SeaWorld’s Aquatica water park, or swim with the dolphins at Discovery Cove. There are many other theme and adventure parks in Orlando such as Gatorland, Fun Spot USA, Wonder Works, and Ripley’s Believe it or Not!. The only problem is deciding what to do first!

Orlando also offers a variety of outdoor activities. In addition to large theme parks and exciting adventure parks, there are over 100 golf courses in the greater Orlando area. People come from all over the world to golf at these beautiful and elite golf courses in Orlando. These beautiful and challenging Orlando golf courses have been designed by greats such as Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson, and other PGA greats. Orlando nature tours and airboat tours are also very popular among tourists and locals alike. Explore the beautiful Florida terrain and see Florida wildlife up close! 

Orlando also offers numerous museums and entertainment venues. Visit the Orlando Museum of Art, Museum of American Folk Art, Sculpture Gardens, and view paintings, artifacts, antique Tiffany lamps, vases, jewelry, and much more. Also, be sure to experience the past, present, and future of the American Space Program at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center located at Cape Canaveral along Florida’s Space Coast. Learn about the history of the American Space program or take a simulated journey into space!

Don’t forget to visit one of the local Orlando entertainment venues.  The Amway Arena in Orlando is home to the NBA’s Orlando Magic and also brings in countless bands, recording artists, and shows throughout the year. The Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre in Orlando offers classic theater performances and showcases a variety of Broadway shows and other theater productions from around the world.  Many other entertainment venues such as the Silver Spurs Arena in Kissimmee or the Sak Comedy Club in downtown Orlando offer a variety of quality entertainment. 

The best of Orlando can be found here at Orlando Florida Magazine.  Find the best of Orlando entertainment, Orlando attractions, Orlando nightlife, and more.  Orlando Florida Magazine also showcases the best of Orlando real estate, Orlando hospitals and doctors, and Orlando businesses.  For more information on the Best in Orlando or to advertise in Orlando Florida Magazine, contact us at 877-233-9052.

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Advertising: Internet Advertising Companies in Orlando

May 28, 2015 by Orlando Florida Magazine  
Filed under Advertising

Advertising - Internet advertising companies in orlando

When you open a business, be it a home run operation or a soon-to-be multi-state conglomerate, one of the main things you’ll need to look at is how people are going to find you and where will they find you. This is where your advertising program comes in to play. The costs that you incur in advertising your business will not necessarily be great, but they will have to be utilized correctly for you to see the return from these advertising costs.
Like any business you want the best bang for your buck, and when you’re talking about advertising costs, you’re looking at a myriad of different ways and methods to do this for you.  Knowing what your market does to find your competition is one major way to find out what will be cost effective for your business.  Many people are taking their advertising campaigns online. 

Many Internet advertising companies in Orlando specialize in getting your business on page one of search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Whether you are a small business that is just starting out, or a large company that has been located in Orlando for years, Internet advertising companies in Orlando can give you an idea of what kind of advertising campaign will work best for your business. Many Internet advertising companies in Orlando, like Bright Internet Marketing, will even give you a free consultation and help you identify what online advertising market would be most beneficial for you to tackle.

The results from your Internet advertising campaign in Orlando may take a little time to work, but it’s definitely worth investing that time to ensure that the advertising costs you expend actually bring you business.  Advertising online takes time; it takes several weeks for search engines like Google to index your online advertising campaign and start directing people who search for your offered merchandise or services to your website.

How many times have you or the business you work/worked for spent a wad of money on something that promises the Earth and everyone on it, just to see it fail miserably? This is often the problem in traditional advertising. That is why Internet advertising is so effective for so many people.  The people that see your online advertisement are already interested in the merchandise or service that you provide because they have searched for it on Google to find you. So – stop wasting money on ineffective traditional marketing campaigns with in printed flyers or mailers.  These are like white noise to the consumer and are usually thrown directly in the trash without a second thought. Call an Internet advertising company in Orlando and find the best advertising plan for your Orlando business.

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