Orlando Homes: Tips for Decorating on a Budget

You look around your Orlando home, and you are bored. The furniture has been the same for years, and you haven’t changed a thing since your current college senior was roaming the house in diapers. Perhaps it’s time to consider redecorating! However, will money as tight as it usually is these days, decorating on a budget may seem like a pipe dream. Never fear- here are several money saving options that will make your house seem brand new!

Consider a paint job. Decorating on a budget does not need to be a complete overhaul of your house. Changing one thing, drastically, can give a room a completely different feel. Are the white walls of your living room a little bland? Pick a color in the fabric of your curtains, couch, or even picture frames, and paint your walls. The color will add new life to your room, and you can usually manage to paint a room, including all of the supplies, for around $75. That won’t break the bank, and it will blow your mind. Another interesting color change? Paint your ceiling. A dark blue ceiling can make any room pop!

Cruise your local Orlando consignment and resale stores. When decorating on a budget, don’t be afraid to buy used. A lot of times, Orlando consignment stores have strict standards about the level of wear and tear they will accept on their consigned pieces, so the furniture you’re looking at will be in really good condition. You will end up saving hundreds of dollars on pieces that will make your house look brand new. You also don’t need to buy a whole new house full of furniture. A (like) new armchair, china hutch or dresser can add a new dimension to the room, and can sometimes be found for as little as $50. Now, that’s decorating on a budget!

If you have the time and the will, refurbish some of the pieces you already have. That sofa that you’ve had for thirty years and is nearly worn white? Recover it yourself! There are a variety of books, how to guides, and YouTube videos available that can show you how to do the process, and the materials are not all that expensive. Some people will find the experience relaxing, and it becomes a hobby for them. It doesn’t have to be super expensive material, either. Browse the clearance aisles at stores like Hobby Lobby to find upholstery material for cheap! If it becomes something you’re good at, you can even do it on a regular basis and make money off of it.

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Computer Repair Service in Orlando

September 20, 2015 by  
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Computer Repair Service in Orlando

Are you in need of computer repair service in Orlando or Central Florida. Many of us have favorite computers  and notebooks we work on everyday – mine is  slow and I’m sure needs to be updated.  I resist buying a new machine because I’ve don’t want to deal with reloading all my Windows applications.  I have been able to install upgrades (such as additional RAM and even a new video card) that allows me to accomplish what I need and for the most part things had been going along smoothly until last week when there was a noticeable decrease in performance speed. My PC seemed extremely sluggish, at first I thought my ISP Comcast was running slow.  Then my Norton virus scan failed to run automatically, thats when I decided to call a computer repair service to check things out.

Sure I’d love to be able to toss my old box in favor of something super fast, sleek and new, but I simply can’t afford the down time getting my new box setup and running right now. It’s far more cost-effective to get a computer repair service in here to run some diagnostics, figure out what the problem is, and fix it. I’ve done this a couple times in the past with good results.

There are a lot of choices when it comes to computer repair services in Orlando. For instance, I can go to the traditional big box store like Best Buy and get someone from their “Geek Squad” to evaluate my machine. I might do this if I already had an extended warranty from the store to cover any maintenance procedures, but since I don’t, I’m just going to look elsewhere. Frankly, my Geek Squad could take a week or more and in my opinion was over-priced. I decided to call someone local that does computer repair service in Orlando. 

I did a Google search and found one company that provided help over the phone. They instructed you over the phone so that I can make the actual repairs on my own. It worked ok, but it took much of my time and I was not really sure if I was geekie or knowledgeable enough to do this again. I can handle a bunch of other “Do It Yourself” projects, but not computer repair. Playing golf on a Saturday morning far outweighs me tinkering with my computer.

I called a local Orlando computer repair service to take care of everything hassle-free. I had the choice of taking my machine to them or they made house calls at my home or office.

Since I depend on my PC for getting my work done, I don’t want to have to put up with my machines subpar online performance much longer.  I found most local computer repair services in Orlando are quite fast, some even provide same day service. This helped me get back online fast and was very productive.

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Home Improvement Loan in Orlando

So, you are thinking of fixing up the house a bit.  Maybe repaint or put on a new roof, or even add that extra room you have been talking about for years.  With home values good and property moving in the market well, now might be a good time to consider home improvement, maybe even do more than you were originally planning.

If your budget will not accept all the things you would like to do to your house, a home improvement loan in Orlando is a good way to go.

If you are thinking on taking out a home improvement loan against the equity in your house, there are some things that you need to consider.

First, are you going to do the work yourself?  If so, you need to plan exactly what it is that needs to be done and how much money you are going to source through your home improvement loan.  This will entail pricing out all, and I mean all the supplies and equipment you are going to need.  Do not forget also that there are some hidden expenses that some people do not consider such as city licenses and the like.  Once you have prepared a complete and thorough list of expenses, you can begin to shop around for a home improvement loan.

There are many local Orlando sources including savings and loan associations and companies that specialize in home improvement loans.  My suggestion is that you borrow a little more, say ten or fifteen percent higher than you think that you will need.  Sometimes, the unexpected arises such as additional costs to rid your attic space of those annoying termites just when you start putting in that new ceiling.

As always, you have to talk to an Orlando home improvement loan expert who knows the business and has a good reputation.  However, as in dealing with most experts, it is important that you have some idea of what you need before you go to a consultation like this. 

Remember one thing, a home improvement loan in Orlando is not just for the do-it-yourselfer.  If the job you are thinking about requires a contractor, many of these companies have good and sometimes cheaper access to a home improvement loan for their customers.  I would ask that question first, before I discussed the job I wanted to have done on my house.

Taking on a home improvement loan in Orlando should not be a big financial burden.  The interest rate should be much lower than on your credit card or other unsecured loan.  Consider also, how much the home improvements you are contemplating would maintain or even increase the value of your property.  A home improvement loan in may turn out to be a very wise financial decision as well as making your Orlando home a more pleasant and desirable place to live.

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Successful Career Moves

September 1, 2015 by  
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Are You Changing Jobs or Building a Career?

The last time you left one employer to join another, how much thought did you give to the long-term implications of the change you were about to make?  

For the past decade, it has been relatively easy for professionals to move from one employer to another on a regular basis. Some in the accounting profession have made carefully planned career moves while others have simply made a series of job changes.   You may be wondering…. why does this topic matter?  Isn’t it enough to simply have a job and a paycheck in the middle of a recession?

Given the choice to be employed versus sitting on the sidelines, it is clearly better to be employed.  No argument here.  

When companies hire an executive accounting recruiter to fill a strategically important accounting job in their company, many factors are discussed between the employer and the accounting recruiter.  

For example, employers frequently bring up the topic of job changes. There is a very fine line between one accounting professional having too many jobs over a period of time and another accounting professional having just enough change in their career to show depth and breadth of skill, diversity in employment experiences and variety and growth in responsibilities.  

The next time you’re thinking about moving from one employer to another, ask yourself the following questions:

  • If I make this change, how will my  responsibilities and skills change over the next 2-3 years?
  • What will my resume likely look like in 2-3 years if I make this change?
  • Is the change I’m pondering  putting me closer to my long term career objectives?
  • Will I have an opportunity to build a program or a series of programs in the new  organization?
  • Will my level of responsibility increase, stay the same or decrease if I take the new job?
  • Will I be  leading, guiding, mentoring or managing   people in the new job? If so, how many people and how soon?
  • Are enough resources allocated to the new job for me to be successful? 
  • Will I manage a budget in the new job?  Will I be taking on a larger or smaller budget than the one I have responsibility for now?
  • Will my technical skills broaden, stay the same or decrease if I take the new job?
  • Is there a clear path for personal growth in the new job?
  • Are there clear objectives to be met that will enable others to measure my accomplishments and clearly see my contribution to the company in the new job?
  • Will my work be visible in the new organization? 
  • Will the reporting structure in the new job allow me to be successful? 
  • Will I be able to learn from my new boss?  

There are more questions to be asked before moving to a new employer. Hopefully these questions will give you a basis from which to add even more questions. If you measure the new job opportunity against questions like these and if the answers you come up with are positive, you may be making a  well-planned  career move rather than a short-term job change.  

If after measuring a new job opportunity against these questions, you’re frequently not sure of the answer, you either have more work to do before making a decision or you may have enough uncertainty staring you in the face to make a decision to walk away.  

If you struggle with the questions shown above and the core reason you find yourself attracted to a new job is primarily money, more often than not you’re contemplating a job change. A job change will lead to another job change sooner than later because most job changes are not made based on sound business logic. You’ll get used to the new level of income sooner than you think.  It won’t be long before the new level of income isn’t enough.  You’ll start looking for the next financial bump.

To make well-planned career moves  versus job changes, a bit of careful planning  is necessary. Security  professionals who have made carefully planned-out and carefully measured career moves are the candidates who are most likely to fit into the requirements that land on the desk of a highly specialized security recruiter.

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Best Orlando Real Estate Agents

Orlando Real Estate Agents

Find the best real estate agents and real estate brokers in Orlando and Central Florida. Orlando Real Estate agents will help you navigate the real estate market, effectively utilize MLS, help you price and market your home in Orlando and ultimately find the affordable home of your dreams.  Whether you are seeking foreclosed and resale properties, looking to buy a new home or relocating to a more family-friendly neighborhood in Central Florida, Orlando real estate agents know the ins and outs of the Orlando real estate market and will provide you with the resources to help you with applying for mortgage and taking advantage of the housing tax credits.  So, don’t wait; contact an Orlando Real Estate agent in your area today!

Best Orlando Real Estate Agents
best Orlando real estate brokers in central florida

  1. Kathleen S. Carlson – Imagination Reality
  2. Lynn Searson – Front Gate Realty
  3. Cecelia Niles – Celebration Residential Reality, Inc.
  4. Lydia Pisano – Century 21 Orlando
  5. Maurice Pierre – Century 21 Orlando
  6. Bo Stanley – ReMax Orlando
  7. Madeline Ortiz – Remax Orlando
  8. Margaret A. Burke – GMAC Real Estate
  9. Bill Gabriel – GMAC Real Estate
  10. Chris Orion – GMAC Real Estate
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Starting A Home Business in Orlando or Central Florida

August 16, 2015 by  
Filed under Business, Orlando Living

If you have the need to get started building a home business opportunity in Orlando or Central Florida and find yourself in the position to really do that can be two different things.  There are a few questions you need to ask yourself before you stop working your job and start a online business of your own.  Get real with yourself when you start setting things up and building your small business.

Take the time to ask yourself a few questions when you come to a decision.  The very first thing to ask your self is do you think you will be ready to start a home business opportunity?  Confidence will have a big part in your success of your home based business.  You have to think that the home based business will probably be worth starting in order for this to perform properly.

Would other people say that you are a prime candidate for self-employment?  Sometimes we can be a bit overconfident about our own skills.  However, when it comes to whether or not you will do well with self-employment, you have to be sincere with yourself.  Think about how people work at your present job?  Will you be someone who completes tasks no matter what?  Do you work just as hard at the job whether or not your supervisor is in the place of work or not?  If that’s the case, you may have what it takes to have a home business opportunity off of the ground.

There are many questions you should think about.  Have you ever taken courses or seminars with regards to starting and controlling a small business opportunity?  If you have not, think about doing this before you start a home based business.  You will learn valuable lessons about some of the underside of owning a small business that you maintain all on your own.

Do you think you’re ready to lower your standard of living while the online business gets off of the ground?  Businesses are great ventures but the majority of small business proprietors start off working a ton and generating only a little bit of revenue.  You should ensure that you have some form of back up revenue to help keep you a float as you build the work from home business.

Are you ready for long hours that usually will generate no immediate profit?  Working long hours in a job where you are getting overtime or a steady salary is quite different form working long hours at your start up home business.  You won’t necessarily see a profit from the long hours which you put in.  Of course, there is a bitter sweet feeling regarding working long hours.  At the end of the day, following the long hours, you’ll have a home based company that’s yours.

Have you contacted a business coach or counselor about your business plan?  There are plenty of different issues with owning your own business.  There are legal issues such as what type of business you want to have, the break even point for the company, how a business loan impacts your credit and if you want a special license or permit for your home business opportunity. Getting valuable advice about all of these things will help save you time and expense.

Also read working from home jobsMake Money Fast and Earning Money Online

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Orlando Colleges and Universities

August 5, 2015 by  
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Best Orlando COlleges and Universities in Orlando

Orlando offers many choices for continuing education from colleges and universities to trade schools and junior colleges.  Orlando universities and Colleges offer programs for students in all walks of life from degree-seeking undergraduates to continuing adult education trade schools.

Orlando Universities & Colleges
Orlando Trade Schools
Orlando Junior Colleges
Online Universities

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Public Arts in Orlando

July 25, 2015 by  
Filed under Entertainment

public arts orlando

Find the best public arts in Orlando.  The best public arts in Orlando include botanical gardens, exhibits, art galleries, music shows, community arts, opera, ballet and more. 

  • Opera, Ballet & Dance in Orlando
  • Music in Orlando
  • Theater in Orlando
  • Visual Arts in Orlando
  • Film in Orlando
  • Art Schools in Orlando
  • Community Arts in Orlando
  • Support Organizations in Orlando
  • Miscellaneous Arts in Orlando


Readers Choice: Our Top 10 List

  1. Harry P. Leu Gardens, Garden House
  2. Terrace Gallery
  3. Orlando Ballet
  4. Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra
  5. Local Color Art Studio
  6. Crealde School of Art
  7. Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center
  8. Orlando Repertory Theater
  9. Mad Cow Theater
  10. Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre


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Best of Orlando Jobs: Finding Jobs in Orlando

July 24, 2015 by  
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Finding a Job in Orlando Florida

As I’m sure you’re aware jobs in Orlando are hard to find today. You may have already lost your job and are looking for a new one, or you are finding a job in a new field for the very first time. Some people are even looking for second jobs in Orlando to help make ends meet. When looking for a job in such a tough market, there are some things that you should know.

First of all, when looking for a job, you don’t necessarily have to aim lower than what you really want. Though you may have to later on, you should try to find the jobs that you would have wanted no matter how well or how bad the economy is doing. There is always the chance that you could still get that job that you want. Also, think about jobs that are on par with the one you just had, even if it is not something you think of as a promotion. Staying in the same type of job is better than not finding a job in Orlando at all.

What you have to decide is how far you are willing to drive when finding a job that is up to par with what you want. You may have to face the reality that you may have to travel. With the gas prices as they are, you should weigh your options carefully. Would it be worth a dollar less an hour to save a lot on gas? What other expenses would be involved with finding a job that is a bit of a drive? Can you spare that extra time that you would normally spend with your family?  Some things to think about.

However, when times are bad, no matter what, you do have to think about taking something you may not want or may not be ideal. You should always go for the jobs that you want, but you should be realistic and look for some that are related but not quite what you crave. You may not have a choice when things are tight and many are looking for jobs in Orlando right along side you. Be careful, but be smart, or you may find that you can’t get any type of work at all. Things will pick up, so taking something for a short time would not hurt, but still feeds your family.

Use the same strategies you would always use when looking for a job in Orlando. Look through your local Orlando classifieds, go to recruiters, and don’t be afraid to try temp agencies. Many online news papers and magazines have resources to aid you when looking for a job in Orlando.  You should take advantage of these online sources when looking for a job in Orlando, as well as networking with others in your field. They may know of jobs that have not been advertised that are just what you are looking for. Just know your hunt may take a little longer, but you do not have to look at it as an impossible endeavor.

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Orlando Events: Special Event Planners in Orlando

July 20, 2015 by  
Filed under Orlando Events

Special events require special places and Central Florida is special for a reason.  For planning anything from an Orlando Bar Mitzvah, fundraiser, girl’s getaway, or family reunion, Orlando has just the place for you and your group.  With event planners in Orlando, your special event in Florida will go from functional to fabulous.

Schedules & Itineraries
Sure the guests are coming to Orlando for the family reunion, but not every moment will be spent with Aunt Alice from Omaha.  Let your event planner fret over the details of your function.  Event Planners can hook you up with the best itinerary for your gathering and provide you and your guests with a schedule of events complete with dates, times and locations – even any dress requirements to let them plan their activities accordingly.

Goody Bags
Event Planners in Orlando know the best that Central Florida has to offer.  Let the experts do the leg work and provide you with brochures, maps and even coupons for local Orlando theme parks and Central Florida attractions.  Event planners in Orlando make it easy for you to provide your guests with the appropriate information.

Web Sites
For larger parties or functions in Orlando, consider a custom web site for your guests.  Not only will it save a few trees, but provide attendees with everything they need to know to enjoy themselves and your event.  When considering all the costs of printing and mailing, and marketing your event, Web sites are more efficient and more cost effective than the alternative.  Web sites can include:

  • Local weather;
  • Schedules;
  • Area attractions; and
  • Hotel information

Help for Special Events
Take the stress out of your next special event in Orlando.  Let an event planner in Orlando plan your next birthday party, Bar Mitzvah or fundraiser in Orlando.  Not only do they know the area inside out, they have the knowledge and experience to make your event one to remember. 

Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither is a special event.  Consider this timeframe to help you plan:

  • Six months to one year before the date – Start the process with the basics of room requirements, number of attendees and setting specific dates.  Make all major reservations, hotels, airline, banquet facilities, etc.
  • Two months in advance – Finalize plans for the more specific details, lunches, dinners and more.]
  • One month before the date – Plan local transportation requirements, photography needs, equipment rental and silly matching t-shirts if you dare.\
  • Two weeks – Confirm all information, dates and attendees.  Make sure special items, gift bags, websites and more are ready and functional.
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